What is that Popping Noise?

The sweet satisfaction of the “crack.” When most people think of chiropractic, they automatically think of chiropractors twisting and cracking their necks or their low backs.

But what is this cracking noise? Is it your bones cracking? Of course not! The popping noise is simply a release of nitric gas that builds up in the joint. This is what causes that stiffness or pressure feeling in your spine.

When you look at the spine or any other joint, you will notice that it is an area where a bone meets another bone. In these areas, you have a fluid that bathes it and acts like WD-40 to lubricate the joint, so that it can move without squeaking or grinding down the bones. This fluid is called synovial fluid. 

This fluid has the tendency to produce little gas bubbles that form around the joint. So, when a chiropractor performs their adjustment on the spine, they are essentially popping those gas bubbles and releasing pressure in that joint and ultimately giving you relief.

Another question I get is, “Does the joint have to pop in order for me to get better?” The answer is NO!!! You do not have to have the popping noise in order to relieve the joint of pressure and pain. There are actually more techniques that rely on NOT producing the popping noise and will NEVER cause a popping noise in their whole career as a chiropractor. And guess what? Their patients STILL get better and feel amazing and express complete vitality.